'Dolphin Tale' sequel released

Judd, Freeman reunite for fifth film pairing

Margaritas Jalisco opens

Sisters Imelda and Irene Panuco opened their first restaurant last week

Brosnan stars in action thriller

'As Above, So Below' hits the Paris streets

Southern Star to open Monday

Owner Mark Janice has worked in the food-service industry all his life

Pat's Pig closed

The Southern Star Cafe will open soon


Thai Peanut Salad unexpected delish

Next to sandwiches and tostadas, salads are probably my favorite meal.
 Problem is that, oftentimes in Kansas, a "salad" is a handful of iceberg 

Christy Lemire | FROM THE FRONT ROW

All sparkle, no soul in ‘Gatsby’

If any piece of classic American literature should be depicted on film with wildly decadent and boldly inventive style, it’s "The Great Gatsby." Aft...

anonymous | Mystery Culinary Critic

Almost Home Cafe: Tasty home cooking

When we first moved to Topeka we made a quick trip to Kansas City. On the return trip we traveled Highway 24 and were almost home when ironically we s...


In search of Topeka’s best restaurants

Carol asks RowHouse owner/chef Greg Fox: We always love eating at RowHouse and every time we have guests in from out of town we take them there. An...