HHB BBQ to open soon

A digital sign hangs inside the new location of HHB BBQ, 906 S. Kansas. Co-owner Kim Moege said she and her husband, Edward, plan to open the restaurant soon. (ELLEN FIKE/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL)

HHB BBQ to open soon

Co-owners participated in food truck festival over the weekend
June 16, 2015

HHB BBQ will open soon, but co-owner Kim Moege can’t give a specific date yet.

The barbecue restaurant, which was destroyed in a fire along with Top City Soda Pop at the beginning of the year, was originally slated to open at its new location, 906 S. Kansas Ave. in May.

“We need the fire marshal approval and then we have to have our final inspection and then we can open,” Moege said.

Although there have been some setbacks that pushed back the original opening date, Moege is hopeful she and husband Edward Moege can get the restaurant back up and running as soon as possible.

The Moeges participated in the Capital City Food Truck Festival over the weekend, getting former and possible new customers a taste of what is to come at the new location.

“We had a huge, huge two days,” she said. “We cooked for 800. That’s more than we cook for events like that.”

Moege said she and her husband have done a few catering jobs in the past months, but they had been booked prior to the fire.

“We’ve done a few things, but it’s really hard to do it out of the trailer,” she said.

When asked if it was nice to get back to cooking before getting the restaurant finished, Moege said there were pros and cons to it.

“If we’re cooking, we’re not here doing things that we need to be doing here, and that’s kind of why we didn’t do much cooking during the (restaurant’s closing),” Moege said. “(The restaurant) just needs to open.”

The VIP rewards program will return when HHB reopens, she confirmed. The new hours will be Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and when the downtown construction finishes later this year, the restaurant will be open on Saturday evenings.

Moege also added when the restaurant reopens, the phone number will change.

In February, when the announcement was made for the new location, Moege said she and her husband planned to expand the business and do more catering and holder big events at the restaurant, since the kitchen is two-and-a-half times bigger than their former location in the 700 block of S. Kansas.