Blind Tiger Brewery and Restaurant

Open tonight until 11:00PM
417 S.W. 37th St.

Topeka, KS 66611
(785) 267-6759
fax: (785) 267-7527
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The Blind Tiger opened in 1995 offering casual dining, "good food, friendly people and great beer." Every day the bar features nine beers on tap, including four handcrafted ales from the restaurant's microbrewery. The restaurant, which can handle large parties and has daily lunch and dinner specials, features midwestern favorites including Kansas City-style barbequed ribs and seasonally available buffalo burgers. (Updated 1.6.14)

Average: 2.4 (376 votes)


Cuisine: American, Barbecue, Dinner, Lunch

Price Range: $$ - Moderate

Payment: American Express, Cash, Discover, Master Card, Visa

Reservations: Reservations Accepted

Features: Bar, Catering, Delivery, Patio, Private Party, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible


Rib Tip platter, Stuffed jumbo mushrooms, Chicken fried steak, Cobb salad, Texas Roadrunner


Sunday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Monday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM



→ Comment by master123

11/22/2015 5:03 pm

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What a Joke

→ Comment by mommamichelle26

02/22/2014 6:25 pm

Why is this place so popular? Went there for the first time today and growing up in Topeka and hearing so many people rave about this place has me so confused. The food was not good, cold, nothing special, and the beer was okay as well as the service. I will not be going back as it didn't knock my socks off.


→ Comment by KEITHMILES05

12/22/2013 9:48 pm

service and took foreverrrrrr to get food. The food was adequate but side dishes VERY small portion. I ordered extra side dish of rice and good was only a few table spoons. The server wasn't attentive and had to ask for everything. She brought checks but we wanted dessert and coffee. They weren't busy so no excuse there. Very poorly run place!


→ Comment by Radiodude

02/17/2013 1:55 pm

Just a good place to go meet friends, have a few beers and appetizers, their main menu is okay but nothing outstanding.. BBQ was the 2nd worst I had in Topeka, Boss Hawgs was the worst..

good food poor service

→ Comment by ghost_town

08/06/2012 4:16 pm

well consistency is key, and they are always consistent, the food is always good, the service is always bad.
It can be totally dead, or super busy and the servers always seem to suck, from taking forever on refills, to taking forever to come back and get your order, or just never coming to check on your table. I have had to walk to the front to ask for my check and boxes because the waitress never came back. Ive come to figure out basically you have to ask your waitress to come check on you, but if you can get past the shitty service your going to get the food is actually really really good and fair priced.

Nice mix of food and awesome beer

→ Comment by Kollman

06/01/2012 12:10 pm

I have been coming to Blind Tiger since the 1990s and still enjoying the great selection of beers and hearty food portions. I can say you won't find off the wall items that will blow your mind, but they have a great mix of food choices to satisfy the whole family and all have been very tasty. Ample room to bring a group and they take care of you at the bar. Thanks to the great waitstaff taking care of us and a couple in highchairs.

Great Beer and Food

→ Comment by FoodJunkie

02/09/2012 5:29 pm

I honestly can't believe what people are saying. I've been a long time patron of the Tiger, and I think the beer and food is awesome. I make it a point to try other microbreweries whenever I travel, and the Blind Tiger can hang with the best of them!

Not worth the trip

→ Comment by hawker01

01/04/2012 5:06 pm

I really like the idea of a local restaurant but The Blind Tiger falls short. The beer is really good, but you can get their beer at several places around town that have much better food and atmosphere. The food is the same tired, boring stuff that you can find anywhere, just a lesser version of it. Our service was good. The place looks tired and very outdated. I do like their patio when the weather is nice. We will only be back if someone else we are going to dinner with insists. The Blind Tiger is not a destination place to eat.

Great beer and average but good food

→ Comment by popo212

12/24/2011 1:34 pm

Its great to have a local brew pub in town. Beer is awesome but they need to have more focus on the beer in the food. The bbq sauce on the burnt ends is K.C. Master Piece. If your going to improve your reputation make your own sauce and don't use frozen hamburger patties. Decor needs updating with a good dusting. Since the beer is so good the owners need to focus on the food. Spruce up of the place you will have the best place in town. It is the first place I recomend to my friends that appreciate craft beer.

Best Beer, Waits BUT Best Food in Topeka????

→ Comment by Jelle

12/03/2011 6:31 pm

Went yesterday, friendly and helpful as any place I've been- really NICE people, great beer. New beers were on tap when we arrived. Can't ask for better beer or service. Building is really cool but needs updated, it's worn-out it looks clean but OLD interior is dark, ugly depressing. Food was ugh, my daughters lunch was seriously poured out of a box cheap, gross. Her ice cream was old or freezer exposed. I felt bad for our server, he wanted to replace it all, could not have been more sympathetic, BUT come on folks. What are they thinking? My husband's minature chicken breast was dry and leathery, barbeque sauce was worse than Kraft. My salad was iceberg lettuce with rubber eggs and garlic bread was grease soaked Wonder Bread. No appetite for their food. Kiley loved the homemade root beer, she colored and we drank beer instead of eating!


→ Comment by frijo

11/04/2011 12:23 pm

I've been an off and on again attendee of the Blind Tiger, and the beer has always remained EXCELLENT. If you can get a seat at the bar, do so. The bar staff is top notch, knowledgeable, and the bartenders are usually pretty good. I flat out refuse to sit in a dining room, because the majority of the time, the service is absolute crap. The food is pretty good, I'm especially a big fan of the lent menu (wish you guys had the tuna steak year round!).

The beer is the reason to come here, and its still as good as ever. Jay's belly is proportional to the price of beer (both keep going up).

Very disappointed

→ Comment by CarlysMom

10/06/2011 9:03 pm

Went to Blind Tiger for the first time a couple months ago and found it to be pretty under-whelming. Service was poor and the food was AWFUL (the au jus for the French Dip was like brown dishwater). Not a beer drinker so I can only guess that the food tastes better with a buzz on because that is the only explanation I can find for the positive reviews I've seen.

Great Food wish the service was even half as good!

→ Comment by Foodie24

09/13/2011 11:34 am

We went to the Blind Tiger for the first time on Saturday 9/10/11, with some friends from KC. The entrance is not very welcoming or lit. After we were seated we waited about 10 minutes before one of the waiters asked if anyone had taken our drink orders which we said no, so he told us he would get those started for us and then our waiter would be over, we that never happened. The other waiter took our order and a different person brought out our food, our actual waiter checked on us one time and brought us the bills, which either time he was just plain not nice, sorry I know everyone has bad days but when you work in a service industry you have to learn to put a smile on your face and get over it, I do it everyday! We will go back for the food but I hope we get a different waiter.


→ Comment by djquik1

08/08/2011 10:30 am

Considering I know who offensive1 is and heard about this over the weekend. The time stated was based off of his cell phone records on outgoing call. He can be a jerk but I would have been upset as well. And as stated, Blind Tiger's service has gone downhill big time.


→ Comment by JSM

08/05/2011 5:53 pm

People arent perfect and mistakes do happen. You said yourself that the manager quickly took care of the problem but you still want to bitch!? And I like how you said "I placed my order at 8:11 pm. Not 8:10 or 8:15 but 8:11. Alcohol does make some people mean and nasty I guess.

Poor service last night

→ Comment by offensive1

08/04/2011 3:52 pm

Last night I placed a "To-Go" order at 8:11pm and was told 15 minutes or so, I went up to the bar and sat down waiting for my food and had a beer. I asked the bartender when I was done with my beer if she knew how much longer, I had ordered chicken strips and fries, not a time consuming or tough request. Well 2 more beers and 45 minutes later I get a soggy mess of a order of food, I spoke with the manager and he promptly got it taken care of free of charge, but the inconvenience left a sour taste in my mouth. What really got me irked was a gentleman sat next to me at the bar placed a food order and got it and had the meal finished before I got mine.

It's too bad as I have been told they let go of several good staff members recently....
Maybe the owner will see this review and take a look at things.

Good Food, Spotty Service

→ Comment by ADRD

05/16/2011 4:39 pm

I always take my family here when they visit. Everyone always really enjoys their food, but we went this weekend and it was a good 10 minutes before our waitress came by the first time to take our drink order.

not bad

→ Comment by Food4Me

03/23/2011 6:01 pm

Prime rib is good, some of the pasta dishes are excellent, beer's ALWAYS the best, but there are better places for bbq. Overall a good eating place.

I don't get it

→ Comment by rachellep

02/04/2011 4:28 pm

I don't get it that people LOVE this place. I've been many times and A) The food is not good B) The service isn't either (went with a party of 15 one time and it took 45 minutes for the waiter to cash everyone out...45 MINUTES) C) The place is getting run down and dirty. Their brewed beers....let's just say I'll stick with bottled beer, that's how I think it tastes.

Above average

→ Comment by KEITHMILES05

08/21/2010 7:12 pm

Like the prime rib on Fri and Sat and the buffalo burger. Occasionally I'll stray from that but usually not as it is very hit and miss. I could care less about the beers. Some of the wait staff is excellent and friendly and others are some of the worst around. With as many managers running around I'd think they could do better job of managing their help.
The thing I literally HATE about the place is all the steps. I've fallen 2-3 times the past year due to very poor lighting. Their steps are close together and just bad, bad bad layout.

One of my favorites

→ Comment by ADRD

06/28/2010 10:05 pm

I love this place! The atmosphere is laid back and the restaurant is interesting--not your typical chain restaurant. I always get the BBQ and it is always great. This is a good place to go if you have a group because their menu is very diverse so everyone can find something they like. It is also very reasonably priced.

It just gets better everytime......

→ Comment by Dionysus38

02/21/2010 5:28 pm

I was in again last night with some friends and everything was perfect, as usual. The restaurant was packed, like it should be, but our service and food quality/freshness did not suffer.

My only suggestion......bring back the Pad Thai pasta!

As for (aquakej)comments, please dont waste the table space, Im sure Lawrence would love to have you move back!

Nothing like Free State...

→ Comment by aquakej

06/19/2009 2:23 pm


Boy, I just have to say that we've tried the Blind Tiger twice since moving here from Lawrence, and it is NOTHING like Free State Brewery in Lawrence....that earlier reviewer who said that this place "blows Free State out of the water" either hasn't been to Free State or owns the place!
The Blind Tiger is about what I'd expect for a Topeka restaurant....the food is par and the beer is okay (but that Maibock made me seriously sick). My husband thought the Pale Ale tasted like grass (and not in a good way...). I don't really see how it has won awards, but it's nice that they're trying. With so many items on the menu, I can see how the food isn't steller (fake mashed potatoes and queso dip), but I do at least appreciate how they are trying to be "green" with their food scraps and energy usage.
We'll come back again if we don't feel like driving to Lawrence, but there is room for improvement here.

Great Beer

→ Comment by eattopeka

07/13/2008 5:13 pm


The 5 stars are for the beer. As micro-brews go, their beer is great. Along with the usual selection they generally have seasonal beers and new recipes to try. Great stuff!!!!

The food? It's fine, usually better than any of the chains in town.

The atmosphere? Frankly the layout of the place is awful. The bar area is fine, but the rest of the place makes you feel like you're eating in a barn.

So go for the beer. It's worth it.

Will not be back

→ Comment by gdad1950

07/06/2008 12:54 pm


Last night my wife and I tried to eat here and we waited and hour for our food. My wife is diabetic and her sugar became to low. So we decided to leave and instead of scaring the little girls next to us with paramedics we left. Your service is terrible. The menu looked really good and we were looking forward to eating. WE WILL NOT BE BACK!!!

Great Place


06/10/2008 10:38 am


Dont touch the beer! As for the appetizer issue, I can see having more options, with some more upper class options. But keep the basic ones too.

I do agree that having a few coupons on here would be nice. With the gas prices so high it is nice to save where you can.

Thank You!!

→ Comment by TofTopeka

06/09/2008 4:13 pm

This is entirely the feedback that we need...
I am sure happy that everyone enjoys the brews. I know I do.
Upscale appetizers? Those are pricey, but personally I would love to do a tapas type appetizer plate or some crispy pork belly with a local fruit compote like raspberries. Oh and you know what sounds great hummus or a cheese plate...but the question is if that is something everyone wants.
Ideas, ideas, ideas. This is exactly what local places strive for!
I will definitely relay any suggestions too...

wish list

→ Comment by senator hungry

06/09/2008 12:14 pm


First of all, I am a fan of Blind Tiger. I go for the beer and it is indeed world class and has never let me down. It really is hard to belive that Topeka has such an incredible brewery. Sure Free State in Lawrence is good, but the beer at the Tiger blows it away.

I guess if I had a request, it would be for an upscale appetizer menu. Something more than wings, nachos, potato skins, onio rings and the like. I want to be able to take friends and clients there after work and not only blow them away with the beer, but also with some snacks that are world class.

I really like the dinner menu, so some top shelf apps would be great. Oh, and a killer coupon here on this site would be perfect. Thanks for listening.


→ Comment by TofTopeka

06/09/2008 11:03 am

As an employee of the Blind Tiger I understand guest frustrations of the changes that have happened so frequently. Some may feel that "if it isn't broke, don't fix it". Though, I have worked about every position in this restaurant and see the look when a certain item is unattainable, sadness, frustration, a distant look of longing for the mouth watering morsel that is of memory. Food impacts us as humans in probably the most definitive ways and can only be positive, on that note, I have a suggestion for those that do wish for more....


The beer is great here at the Blind Tiger, proven world class, ask your server for beer pairing suggestions. The Amber or the Maibock go wonderful with the Smoked Prime Rib special on Fridays and Saturdays...

Fortunately any local establishment has the ability to change. Local means for the locals, and we do not have a corporate kitchen deciding what Americans want to eat though test kitchens with focus groups. We have you, our customers, and all of Topeka's wonderful, if still undecided, palates. Which is a good thing for this city as more local establishments open. As I said, local is for the locals and being away from wanamaker and the corporate corridor, we are one of the few restaurants in this town that is truly for Topekans, not just the money.

I personally thought would love to hear your suggestions, what it is that you, the guest would like to dine on. Yes, that was a question made as a statement my fellow Topekans!

Oh, and please support all of our home businesses here in Topeka, as we all are here for Topekans!

Good Place

→ Comment by viaspizza

06/08/2008 1:22 am


John Dean makes the best beer around. Love the I.P.A., Raw Wheat and Maibock. The food has really come around and the service while at times a little lacking has gotten better. What a cool place to hang!

quit changing things!

→ Comment by topekaguy

06/07/2008 12:06 am

if the owner reads this....QUIT CHANGING THINGS!

You bought this place about a year and a half ago and turned it around for the better. Then you kept tinkering and have ruined it.

The menu has changed numerous times. Many of our favorites dishes have come, gone, some returned, and now all are gone again.

We've all but given up as the quality has waned again, and the menu changes have frustrated us. We were coming every 2 weeks with a group of friends, but we've given up...

good chicken fajitas

→ Comment by rrh

06/05/2008 10:16 am

We went here recently for an office "farewell to Mr. X" party. We had chicken fajitas, and they were really good

Great Beer

→ Comment by jhunter

04/14/2008 2:45 pm


Great micro-brewery with good food and an expansive layout that accommodates many patrons. Best beer in Topeka!