Mall Food

Cafe Barnabas

5331 S.W. 22nd Place, Topeka

Cafe Barnabas is a volunteer-run shop in Fairlawn Plaza Mall. Their specialty is tea-related drinks, but they do offer fresh baked goods, sandwiches and wraps.


1801 S.W. Wanamaker, Topeka

The first Chick-Fil-A opened in the 1960s as a shopping-mall establishment and has grown to become the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States. Despite its growth, Chick-fil-A remains privately held and family owned and continues to be committed to quality boneless chicken sandwiches, an invention credited to Truett Cathy, founder and owner of the Chick-fil-A Restaurant. This location is inside West Ridge Mall. (Updated 4.14.10)

Express Japan

1801 S.W. Wanamaker, Topeka

Located between Subway and Chick-Fil-A in the food court inside West Ridge Mall, Express Japan opened early in 2010 and features, as you'd expect, Japanese cuisine. If you love teriyaki you're in the right place as Express Japan offers chicken, beef, shrimp, chicken & shrimp, chicken & beef and tofu varieties. For vegetarians, they offer several options including vegetarian soba as well as tofu teriyaki. (Updated 5.24.10)

Kwan Wah

1801 S.W. Wanamaker, Topeka

Whether you're shopping at West Ridge Mall or looking for a quick Chinese meal at a reasonable price, stop by Kwan Wah in the Food Court. One of the mall's original food destinations, Kwan Wah is a must-try for buffet lovers. While you're there, check out the recent remodeling of the Food Court and entire mall. (Updated 3.19.09)


1301 S.W. 37th St., Topeka

Located inside the Wal-Mart on 37th Street, this McDonald's is ready and waiting to provide a french fry boost to your shopping trip. McDonald's promises filling meals at great prices with little-to-no wait for your order. Enjoy one of the several Extra Value Meal options during breakfast or dinner. Up-size your meal to a large or extra-large for less than a dollar more. Try the specialty coffee drinks, including lattes and mochas. Now, enjoy healthy alternatives to french fries in your Happy Meals and Value Meals. All locations serve breakfast until 10:30 a.m. (Updated 7.26.10)


1801 S.W. Wanamaker, Topeka

This Subway, located in the Food Court of West Ridge Mall, serves delicious hot and cold sandwiches, accompanied by chips, a dessert, salad or soup. Select from their menu of specialty sandwiches or create your own with any vegetables, sauces and meats available. This location also features your favorite ice cream selections. (Updated 2/25/09)

Topsy's Popcorn‎

1801 SW Wanamaker Rd., Topeka

Topsy's Popcorn‎ keeps shoppers at West Ridge Mall fueled with ice cream, shakes, limeades and lots of popcorn. Munch the traditional cheese, caramel and cinnamon flavors or try the fat-free options. Take a tub of popcorn or a few popcorn balls home to enjoy.