La Siesta Restaurant

Open Friday at 5:00PM
201 N.E. Woodruff

Topeka, KS 66616
(785) 354-1325
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They do things the old-fashioned way at La Siesta, a northeast Topeka tradition since 1955. All meals are made fresh, as ordered, in this casual, family restaurant. There are no microwaves on the premises. (Updated 6.23.10)

Average: 3.6 (40 votes)


Cuisine: Dinner, Lunch, Mexican

Price Range: $ - Inexpensive

Payment: Cash

Reservations: Reservations Accepted

Features: Catering, Delivery, Private Party, Wheelchair Accessible


Our Own Tacos ($2.50)


Sunday: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Monday: 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Thursday: 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Friday: 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM , 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM



→ Comment by cdavis

03/11/2013 10:04 am

La Siesta is a hidden gem in Topeka. I've been dining there since 1974.
Pass through the front door of the simple facade into the equally simple dining room. Linoleum floors, 1950's tables and chairs. The place is old, old fashioned, and absolutely spotless.

I highly recommend:
1. "Our Own Tacos"- these are fried tacos, wonderful bean and beef with delicate spice.
2. Beef Enchilada- great seasoning, minced beef, bits of potato, amazing flavor.
3. Chili Con Queso. Primarily Longhorn and Cheddar. This is not the Velveeta style
of CCQ, but rather a very rich, amazing, original recipe. As the CCQ cools it ges very thick and the last bits must be eaten with a spoon.

Also, after your meal, take a minute to go to the back of the restaurant and peer into the kitchen to say hello to Connie, the owner and chef.
Observe the numerous cast iron skillets and ancient gas stove. Everthing is cooked when ordered.

Pay with cash only.

This is a one of a kind place. Don't miss the opportunity to dine here. Connie is about 80 years of age, and when she steps down then that will probably be the end of La Siesta.

Thumbs up

→ Comment by Jbgartin

12/29/2012 2:07 pm

The Best Queso

→ Comment by rhondal

07/16/2012 7:49 am

I grew up in Topeka and came to La Siesta for many special occasions with my family. I absolutely love the Chili Con Queso, how it goes from thin to getting thick as it cools. Is it authentic, maybe and who cares its good food. I live in Arizona and have Mexican food probably 3 times a week and its all different. Mexican food varies across every state in Mexico as well as Arizona, NM and Texas. We could debate what the most authentic fried chicken is in the US, it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. Does it take longer to get to the table than some restaurants? Yes it does but its fresh made and prepared by people who care. Thats important to me. Thanks La Siesta for still being here when I come every year to visit my family.

Best Mexican food in town

→ Comment by ShaeShae_11

04/30/2012 5:03 pm

The food here GREAT! The enchiladas are the best I have ever had! The chili con queso is one of a kind and amazing! Everything is made when you order and there is only one cook so that is why it may take a while to get your food if they are busy. This place is a must try and the oldest mexican restaurant in Topeka! Family-owned for 57 years...AMAZING!


→ Comment by topekaguy

12/16/2011 10:17 am

Glad you know me so well. I had a hispanic sister-in-law, with a mother born in Mexico. For years I ate plenty of authentic mexican food. It is not what you get at La Siesta. The fried tacos are close, but the menu is STILL Americanized.


→ Comment by dwd69

12/16/2011 9:11 am

"And of course, this is barely authentic mexican's still americanized."

You wouldn't know authentic if it smacked you in the face.

Service needs help - outweighs good food.

→ Comment by Ilovespicy

07/12/2011 4:37 pm

It had been years since we had visited La Siesta. But we like to support locally-owned restaurants, so we decided to give it a try.
We ended up being there about an hour and a half. There were several groups at tables but we did not have to wait to be seated. However, we did wait - about 15 minutes to get water and menus; another 10 minutes to get our chips and salsa; another 30 to 40 minutes to get our food - 1 large tostado each.
While we did all of this waiting, we noticed several other groups waiting long periods to get take-out orders.

The food was good - although the queso we ended up with instead of salsa soon turned to a gooey mess - and very reasonably priced. And the waitress was apologetic for the long wait. We knew this place is not noted for fast service. However, it would have been nice if she would have said at the beginning that our small order would have to wait for several large carry-out orders before the cook could get to it.
So the food may be good and authentic, but the service leaves so much to be desired, that I doubt we will soon return.


→ Comment by topekaguy

01/15/2011 1:02 pm

I must agree that the queso is, in my opinion, not good.

The rest of the food is okay, but the few times I've been here it takes so long to get it, it's not worth it. One day it took over an hour to get our food, and there were only 3 tables.

Much better mexican food out there IMHO.

And of course, this is barely authentic mexican's still americanized.

Someone had a bad day

→ Comment by Mammy

01/15/2011 3:36 am

I think cjofoz must have had a bad day when writing their comment. It is the ONLY bad review. Maybe they are used to fast food like Taco Tico, Taco Bell or the like and can't tell when good Mexican food is in front of them. I have seen the CCQ being made and believe me is is made from scratch, just like everything they serve and everything is good. Try again fellow.


→ Comment by Mammy

11/21/2010 3:04 am

I have gone to this restaurant since the 60's and it is the only mexican restaurant I recommend to people who are wanting good mexican food. If someone has a bad experience here, then they are just having a really bad day. It has the very best CCQ, the very best Beef Enchiladas, Our Own Tacos are out of this world! My family drives from one side of town to the other to eat here. It is wonderful. Connie and Frank Alcala have worked many years fixing the food and it shows in the great food they prepare.
None better than this even when we travel to other states. GO!!! You will not be disappointed.

You have been WARNED!!!

→ Comment by cjofoz

07/31/2010 8:38 am

Not a good dinning experience AT ALL. I read the reviews here before going, they were all very wrong. Not authentic. Lets start with the fact that it's July and they don't have air condition. We were all so hot!! The wait staff were sweating through there clothes(very gross). I read the chili con queso was so good. Be warned it is very bad. It is very clear they melt a package of shreded cheeder cheese in a bowl. Salsa dip, None! Nothing with any flavor to it. There were six people in our group all ages. All of us unhappy!! Out of six of us two had HAIR IN THE FOOD!! They do not seem very concerned about your that either, I mean they will wipe it off your plate for you before you eat the rest of your food. Please people, don't waste $32.00 like my family and I did. Go somewhere else. If you do go you have been warned!!! I think to sum up the dinner I would like to qoute the waitress. When she was asked if the place was always HOT, SMELLY, SLOW, BAD CHEESE DIP, HIGH PRICES with the bonus of getting HAIR IN YOUR FOOD!. She said "Yes it's always like this, but I am sorry".

Still the best

→ Comment by VAnn Wagner-Brent

08/23/2009 12:42 am

I used to go to La Siesta in the 60's with my folks, Joe and Joan Wagner. Mama Lupe worked in the kitchen and Miss Connie, as we kids called her worked beside her. These ladies were both held in the highest esteem by everyone we knew, because they were so hard working and such great cooks. We always went for family occasions such as birthdays. Later, it was a treat when Miss Lupe was around, and she would come into the back room where our party was usually seated to make sure we kids liked the tortillas she had made us specially. It is nice to see that some things stay the same.

Best I've found!!

→ Comment by Mammy

08/31/2008 12:32 am


I have gone to this restautant since the early 1960's and I have yet to find any other Mexican food that I like any better, not just in Kansas, but anywhere! The chili con queso is out of this world and "their own" tacos are altogether different and wonderful. I am always amazed when I find that Topekans know anothing about this little restaurant. I believe most of the customers are long-time customers that keep going back and back over the years. Spread the word about this place because when you take someone there, they are going to go back again and again. I have never gotten anything that I did not really like. The Enchiladas, Tostada, Refried Beans, everything it just great. My favorite on the menu is the "1-1-1-and Beans" which is one Taco, one Enchilada, one Tostado and an order of their Refried Beans. (You have to tell them you want 'their taco'). As they say, 'Try it, you'll like (love) it". Connie and Frank, the owners, make you feel at home and encourage you come back to the kitchen to say "Hello".

Best Mexican in Topeka

→ Comment by clevergirrrl

05/09/2008 10:26 pm


I've been to many restaurants, but this is the first that encourages their patrons to come to the kitchen to say "Hi!". On our first visit, we didn't realize that the restaurant took cash only (this is prior to the launch of this webpage), and were limited to choosing only 4 things - chili con queso, two tacos (our way), one tamale and one enchilada. The meal was one of the best of my life.
Please don't go expecting the fast food you get at some other restaurants in town...linger over the chips and chili con queso...make dinner conversation and really enjoy your meal. It's wonderful and well worth having to remember the strange hours for.

The Best In Town

→ Comment by HarlieJ

04/24/2008 10:29 am


Can't say anything but the absolute best authentic Mexican food in Topeka. Kind of strange hours at time but the "Our Own" tacos are the absolute best. One of Topeka little known, out of the way places. Check it out!!