Lonnie Q's BBQ

Open tonight until 7:30PM
3150 SE 21st

Topeka, KS 66607
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After 10 years running the BBQ spot at Topeka Harley Davidson, Lonnie Weaver set off on his own (armed with a hungry army of loyal BBQ fans) and opened a new restaurant in February 2011, in Deer Creek Valley, just south of I-70 (take the SE Deer Creek Trafficway exit on I-70 and go south before turning east of SE 21st St.) and north of Lake Shawnee (from SE 29th St. behind the Lake Shawnee dam, go north on SE Wittenberg Road to SE 21st St.).

Located in a brand new building near Deer Creek RV Park, Lonnie's offers exactly what you expect in a BBQ joint: ribs, brisket, pork and turkey as well as an array of outstanding side dishes including his popular cheesy taters. On Saturday mornings, Lonnie's serves biscuits and gravy.

And before you think that Lonnie is just the mastermind at the smoker, know that the music inspired murals inside the restaurant were all painted by Lonnie himself. The interior of Lonnie's is both comfortable and sophisticated with room for 75.

Average: 2.4 (29450 votes)


Cuisine: American, Barbecue, Carryout, Lunch

Price Range: $$ - Moderate

Payment: Cash, Check, Discover, Master Card, Visa

Reservations: No Reservations

Features: Private Party, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible


Combo Plate (sandwhich with choice of meat and two sides) - $8.25; Cheesy Taters - $1.95; Pork Ribs (slab) - $17.95; ask about The Q-Cup, "a cup of BBQ goodness that won't break your budget" – $3.50.


Monday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM , 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Still the BEST!!

→ Comment by HOG_DAWG

07/08/2013 8:20 am

Lonnie's is still the BEST BBQ in Topeka and NE Kansas!!

Best BBQ

→ Comment by DresserDan

07/04/2013 10:26 am

Ate there and it was as good as ever. I would like to see some other things on the menu. Maybe sausage, a rib plate and ribs all the time. Maybe open longer hours.

I knew I was in for a treat when people were lined up before opening time

→ Comment by Utahn

10/12/2012 2:18 pm

I read about Lonnie's on food.topeka.net and decided that it was my pick for my one meal in Topeka. Here on business from out of state and wanted to take some great Kansas barbecue home to my wife and children. Rolled in about 10:50 a.m. on my way to the KCI/MCI airport to grab something. Boy was I glad I got there early. Four people were waiting by the door when I drove up. I knew that I had found the real deal. I sampled all the meat and the Cheezy taters. FABULOUS!!. Ordered a bunch to take with me on the plane. Lon was great--packaged everything for me, and sent me home with generous portions of his luscious creation. Now I'm sitting here in the airport and the smell of the food next to me is still driving me wild.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to eat there again.

Why go to KC when Topeka has the best BBQ

→ Comment by topekashawn

04/16/2012 3:56 pm

I have never been a huge BBQ fan in the past but Lonnie Q's (in my opinion) puts the rest to shame. Their hours are not the best unless you go out to eat lunch early on weekdays but man their Pork, Turkey, and Brisket are how BBQ should taste.

Their atmosphere is very clean, aesthetically cool, and friendly. But the main attraction aside from the meat is the cheese potatoes, they are the best and will give you a heart attack but it is worth it. So if you are looking for the best BBQ around and can get there before 11:30 or earlier on a weekday this is the place to go.

Best BBQ in town

→ Comment by KEITHMILES05

03/31/2012 8:10 am

This is the best BBQ in town.

However, they are WOEFULLY inadequate in ribs. They open at 5 pm on Friday and the last two Fridays at 6:15 pm as I am almost to the counter Lonnie yells "out of ribs!" Why in the world are you out of ribs so damn early? You close at 8 pm! Last night he said he was holding back 3-4 rib orders for "special" people whatever the hell that meant. You need to make alot more ribs as you know day in and day out you are going to sell out of them. Use your head and do the math, good grief! Also, the "cold salad" is the most horrendous mixture of crap ever known. You really need to make "cole slaw" and stop wasting your time and money on this junk. Lastly, the servers are ever so slow and there is widespread complaints and discontent how it works.

I doubt anything will change as the crowds are coming and obvious management could care less what people say. My experience is over time people will get fed up with the pitfalls and stop coming.

Where are the ribs?

→ Comment by beckynesmith

03/24/2012 10:06 pm

We have been there four times now, and every single time, they were out of ribs. Yesterday, we were greeted by the counter help saying that they were out of ribs, cheesy potatoes, and something else (we were there at 1 p.m. on a Friday). Although it is a little off putting that we keep missing the ribs, the food was wonderful. Not only delicious, but they gave us a discount because of the lack of certain items. Will we still go there? You bet! Maybe the fifth time is the charm!Can't wait to try those ribs!

Closed on Saturdays

→ Comment by Big4x4truckman2u

02/20/2012 1:06 am

They are no longer open on Saturdays

Great Food

→ Comment by Big4x4truckman2u

01/04/2012 1:07 pm

Hours of operation are a little different but it appears to be run strictly by the family. We eat here every weekend and just love the food and the atmosphere.

BBQ Food

→ Comment by LamontElite

09/15/2011 3:37 am

I love barbecue and I wanted to try the finest and most delicious barbecue restaurants in town like Lonnie Q's BBQ. Can't wait to treat myself in Lonnie Q's BBQ restaurant and taste for myself their unique recipe. I won't even hesitate to get my short term loans to indulge myself of my favorite barbecue. Thanks a lot.


→ Comment by KEITHMILES05

09/10/2011 4:22 pm

Just was at this place and new hours of opening are now 5 pm and not 4 pm. Very bad publicity IMO to not keep the damn website up to date. What a wasted trip! How in the world can any restaurant of this nature expect to make a go of it with such extremely limited hours?

Good baby backs!

→ Comment by KEITHMILES05

07/24/2011 11:21 pm

Very good baby back ribs. The cheesy potatoes are good also. The beans and cole slaw are average, at best.

The serving method is too slow. The person taking orders has to LEAVE the serving line and go to the back and mess around for way too long. This really needs to be refined to speed up wasted time of customers standing around.

Love to try this place...

→ Comment by Kris H.

07/24/2011 9:37 am

BUT the limited hours will probably keep me from getting there. I'll be watching from time to time to see if they add more hours.


→ Comment by neoburge

07/22/2011 9:16 pm

I have lived in Topeka born and raised my entire life = and I have now found THE BEST SMOKED TURKEY SANDWICH IN TOPEKA = hands down give it a try and tell me I am a fibber! = I have to let you know that you will enjoy the atmosphere and you will , I repeat YOU WILL HAVE A FOOD BABY after eating at this establishment (its that good)

The only BBQ place we go to now.

→ Comment by MacThreinfir

06/30/2011 10:56 am

My wife and I go to Lon's at least once a month, but lately it's been a lot more. It's our go-to place to have visiting friends and family experience solid Kansas BBQ. The food is phenomenal, especially if you're lucky enough to get some of Lon's incredible ribs before they sell out. I don't even waste time with asking for the bun to make a sandwhich. It takes away from awesome flavor of the smoked meat. Plus, the serving sizes are huge! So I'd rather fill up on the ridiculously good "cheesy taters" and baked beans.

I'm looking forward to heading there on Saturday, when we take my mom there during her first visit to Kansas.

P.S. The painted murals in the restaurant are also done by Lon - pretty impressive.

Getting Closer.........

→ Comment by Dionysus38

04/28/2011 3:48 pm

I like others were so happy to hear of a new BBQ restaurant, rather than another cheap Mexican joint.

Ive been twice in the past few weeks and enjoyed the food; although I would suggest a few things: serve fries or onion rings-Just aint BBQ without it, dont serve the meat dripping in juice/water because it makes the bun soggy and then you can't pick up the sandwich, and last if possible, try to expedite the lunch rush.

Good Luck to you!


→ Comment by momo3

04/20/2011 12:04 pm

Finally, a good place to eat on the East side! Thank you Lonnie for your consistant food and service! My personal favorite is the pork. Service is very friendly.

Best BBQ in Topeka

→ Comment by HOG_DAWG

03/03/2011 12:41 pm

I was glad to see Lonnie opened at his new place. Lonnie Q's BBQ is, by far, the BEST BBQ in Topeka!! The turkey is my favorite and the Cheesy Taters are AMAZING!! I also give Lonnie Kudos for having the greatest ribs in the midwest - they're the BEST!

You won't be disappointed; great food, generous portions and friendly service makes this a place to frequent over and over again!!!!