Open until Monday at 2:00PM
508 N.E. Sardou

Topeka, KS 66608
(785) 234-5788
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A pilgrimage to CW Porubsky Grocery and Meats during chili season has been a Topeka tradition since 1947. This friendly, family-operated business is a good place to get a good meal without spending a lot of money.

Charles Porubsky opened this still family-run business Jan. 1, 1947. His son Charlie runs things now. To this day, little changes there. Porubsky's has the same weathered bar signs and packs the same lunch crowd ranging from the everyday worker to the governor. A county judge is among the servers.

And while chili season at Porubsky's runs from Sept. 1 through April 1, a trip to Topeka's Little Russia is not complete without also stopping for a legendary hot pickle. Be warned: even during chili season, chili isn't served on Fridays.

Average: 4.6 (221 votes)


Cuisine: Carryout, Deli, Lunch

Price Range: $ - Inexpensive

Payment: Cash, Check

Reservations: No Reservations

Features: Catering, Takeout, Wheelchair Accessible


Chili ($3.90), Cold plate ($3.29)


Monday: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM



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Chili no longer served on Saturdays

→ Comment by oaknaz939

11/12/2014 3:09 pm

A friend informed me that chili is not served on Saturday (as the description suggests). I called to confirm, and was told chili is only served Monday - Thursday (during chili season). Also, the hot pickles have been modified slightly to add a bit of sweet to the amazing hotness. Still great food!

Definately Topeka's Finest!

→ Comment by BlueBarracuda

04/29/2010 9:34 am

*Sorry for the accidental blank comment*

I may be bias because my family has been friends with the Porubsky family for a long time, and I grew up at the deli, it being the first place my mother brought me too after I was born, but overall, the food is to die for!!! A nice cold plate, a warm bowl of chili, a glass of Coke and a bag of chips...simple meals, but delicious! Of course there are the pickles, but they are definately not for the faint of heart and tastebud.

It is historic, but......

→ Comment by rrh

06/12/2009 1:58 pm


Yes, this place is very historic, and they have good pickles. But it is very hard to find, and they could use a VERY good spring cleaning. After all, they do serve food here, and let's make it as appetizing as possible, folks !!

Topeka's secret place

→ Comment by gkirk12

02/20/2009 12:12 pm


Very smoky, so get it to-go. Home-owned forever and local, can't be beat. Best cold cuts and chili. Little grocery too.


→ Comment by senator hungry

05/04/2008 8:08 am


This place is amazing. It is like stepping back in time when the world was in black and white. Order a "cold plate," chili (when in season) and some extra hot pickles. You won't be disappointed, your eyes will be watering and you'll be counting down the days to your next visit.

Chili and Lunch Meat Plate

→ Comment by chaugsness

04/18/2008 4:07 pm


Great place for lunch (especially since it's the only meal they serve). Get the Chili if they are making it, and the lunch meat place takes me back to Saturday lunches at my Grandma's house. Limited seating so a large group will get the evil eye if they walk in. The hot pickles are the best, if you want a horseradish pickle that'll clean out your sinuses until next Thursday try one.

Get the chili

→ Comment by beagle

04/14/2008 6:19 pm


You should put the chili starting and ending dates on here. They don't serve it year-round.